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You Deserve Professional Massage Therapy

When was the last time you got a massage? If you can’t remember, it’s time to call Virtue Salon + Spa to schedule an appointment for massage therapy. Our relaxation massages include:

Deep tissue massage
Myofascial release massage
Orthopedic stretch massage

Release tension in your body or revitalize and stimulate your muscles with massage therapy in Cedar Rapids, IA. Call Virtue Salon + Spa at 319-200-2190 today to schedule an appointment.

Orthopedic Stretch

Orthopedic stretch is a series of stretches geared toward the muscles that connect in the hips, lower back, and upper legs.

This series of stretches help improve posture, range of motion problems, and all around muscle soreness and tightness. It also has anxiety benefits and helps muscles relax into their normal positions. Orthopedic stretch is both chiropractor and physical therapist approved.

Whether you’re an athlete training for an event to get the edge or need something new to add to your daily routine, orthopedic stretch is proven to better your overall health and wellness. Follow it up with a 30 minute muscle specific massage to get the full affect and results

Myofascial Release Massages in Cedar Rapids, IA

5 benefits of myofascial release massages

Myofascial release massages are great for people with fibromyalgia, TMJ or other muscle disorders or those recovering from an accident. Choose Virtue Salon + Spa for a therapeutic myofascial release massage to:


Reduce pain


Restore motion


Elongate muscles


Stimulate connective tissues


Reduce tension and tightness